ROAR 服装品牌


ROARINGWILD是一个以URBAN STREET风格为主的深圳本土服装品牌。品牌通过「ROAR」的态度面对生活,热爱生活,不被影响,形成自己的价值观。品牌希望通过服装为载体传达本土街头文化精神,创造属于这一代的生活方式和态度。本项目为品牌的形象旗舰店的VIP线下店,对比此前开业零售店的引人注目,旗舰店在设计上更注重体现品牌内在价值观。本项目位于深圳深业上城城市综合体内,其中项目所在的L3层为欧陆小镇风格的休闲商业街。

ROARINGWILD is a local clothing brand based in URBAN STREET style. The brand faces life through the attitude of “ROAR”, loves life, independent, and forms its own values. The brand hopes to convey the spirit of local street culture through clothing as a carrier and create a lifestyle and attitude that belongs to this generation. This project is the VIP offline store of the brand image store. Compared with the eye-catching retail store opened earlier, the flagship store is designed to reflect the brand’s intrinsic values. The project is located in Shenzhen Upper Hill complex, where the L3 floor outdoor is a European-style leisure street.